Frequently asked questions

Q:   What is
A:   On this web page you can generate technological (material-) flow charts of your chemical manufacturing by giving some necessary data about the process. Such data are: used compounds and compositions, inlet amounts, operating steps and operating conditions.

Q:   Is this program free of charge?
A:   Yes, the use of is completely free of charge.

Q:   How does the program work?
A:   The user has to define the process by filling out a form about used compounds, used equipment, operating steps and parameters. The program evaluates this data and it "simulates" the manufacturing, it calculates the actual content of all equipment after each operating step. When a reactor or tank is dicharged the composition of outgoing material derives from this simulation.

After the simulative calculation the program is able to draw the flow sheet, a material flow diagram from the stored data of material movements.

Q:   At which field of chemistry is useful this program?
A:   Actually any. Basically it was developed for industrial use but it may be useful for educational use too.

Q:   Buttons on the Flowchart construction page do not work.
A:   Some browsers may disable scripts on page load, or simply do not support page scripting. Install a web-browser capable of run JavaScript and/or enable use of scripts.

Q:   Found an error in a calculation result!
A:   However during building the program maximal attention was payed to reliability, errors may still occur. This service is under continuous development and we sorry about incidental errors, but we can not take any responsibility for any damages or losses originating from them. Use the program on your own risk! Bug reports are welcome at .

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