Automatic generation of chemical process flow diagrams

What is (PFD) for?

This program is basically a plant-simulator which calculates material flow based on production data given by the user. It generates the technological flowsheet based on this model calculation.
  • fill out tables with data of materials, equipment and manufacturing steps.
  • let the program do the material flow calculation (plant simulation)
  • generate result tables and technological flow sheet
  • export project data and result figures to your own computer

Try it with examples!

Or simply in itself!
[flowchart generated from data]

News in PFD version 1.03:

  • minor bugfixes
  • new operation: extraction

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Continuous development.

Lots of great upgrades are planned in the near future, which were useful for problem solving in the chemistry and chemical engineering. So it is worth to return here and take a look what's new at Some of the expected updates:
  • user-defined detail level and information-content in the figures
  • more types of technological flowcharts (e.g. different arrangements, Sankey-diagram, e.t.c.)
  • process modeling with different detail levels
  • more types of chemical/industrial operations
  • correct handling of branching processes
  • handling of continuous and batch manufacturing processes

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Useful tools

VLE database, distillation calculator

IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database
Solid-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibrium data.

Physico-chemical properties of compounds determined experimantally and/or by calculations.

Lot of chemical tools.    --    generate chemical technological flowsheets based on material flow calculations

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